Oak Grove Baptist Church

2603 SE Stallings Drive | Nacogdoches, Texas

Welcome to Oak Grove Baptist Church

To make Jesus’ gospel known, loved, and shared throughout all the world.

To bring People into saving relationship with Christ through explicit gospel preaching, living, and loving.

To commission, equip, and deploy Jesus’ disciples into His mission in their neighborhoods, communities, and to the ends of the earth.

Making The Priorities Of Eternity Our Reality 

This statement, first and foremost, defines what we as a church are all about: every Sunday is focused on the worship of and obedience to our Holy God as we stand in awe of how His love saves wretched sinners. That same love motivates eternally-minded living for the church, as evangelism and missions are major desires of the church body. Oak Grove not only sends mission teams into the local community and college campus, but across oceans to preach the good news to people who have not recieved Him. Through giving, going, and serving the church, Oak Grove works as a collective unit to bring heavenly priorities into these earthly days.

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